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Recreational Facilities

Playground/Recreational Facilities

The Pourashava has only 4 playgrounds of which 2 are located at Ward no. 09 and Ward no. 01 and 06 have playgrounds, one for each. Radhanath and Chitrali Cinema Halls are in Ward no.06 and Victoria Cinema Hall is in Ward 07.


Star Community Center of the Pourashava is located at ward no. 09. The only one Children Park is located at Ward no. 03 for outdoor recreation of the Pourashava people. There is one mini zoo at Ward no. 03. Central Shahid Minar is in the Pourashava Compound. There is only one auditorium Mohsin Mia Auditorium now under in construction is located at ward no. 06.

Playground Recreational Facilities map



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